We've been waiting for this.

You have to choose your own path in life.

I'll take over.


He ate a goat cheese burger.

It was not long before we heard the news.

Ji didn't know which one to choose.

Brent has nothing on.

American bombers attacked Japan's largest cities with napalm.

The bread was mouldy, but Norbert ate it nevertheless.

Power carries responsibility with it.

It is everyone's wish to succeed in life.

I don't care how you look.

I didn't make any mistakes.

Can I make a telephone call, please?


I'm on my way to see him.

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I need the screwdriver.

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But now I know your view on this matter a bit better and I'll try to understand it.

The children have been instructed to take their places.

We chose Henry to be the captain of our team.

Caleb tried to be casual.

American forces announced the completion of their mission in Iraq.

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I knew this day would come.


My brother's guitar is new.

We are familiar with the legend of Robin Hood.

Duke isn't as rich as we thought he was.

Stefan turned off the sprinkler.

He took me for an Englishman.

I used to drink a lot.

I told you Hubert was really annoying.

You're not that hopeless.

If the young does not learn it, the old does not know it.

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He met a seductive young woman at the party.

I had to wait for him wake up.

About one hundred people were killed in this accident.

Lady Luck favors the adventuresome.

I prepared well for this examination.

It will be cold and the sky will be overcast.

Recently I have been feeling a little tired, so I have not gone swimming this week.

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My cat has come out from under the table.

Mitch has done us a favor.

Roy is fishing now.

The loss reached three million yen.

Martyn would often sit alone on the porch, reading a book.

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Hillel and Vickie have only been married three weeks.


The doctor dosed the girl with antibiotics.

Do you have proof?

The bus will arrive within ten minutes.

I thought I told you to cut your hair.

Will you look after my children for me?

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I like to answer these kind of questions.

Meg agreed to Ken's plan.

I married a Polish woman.

Can you come into my office, please?

Christophe declined to offer specifics.

He did it of his own accord.

I hate waiting like this.

It's just what I was thinking about.

He hates himself.


I wore several hats at my last office so I'd like to specialize this time.

To say more would require more thought than I have ready.

He is in the habit of taking a walk before breakfast.


That house cried for a coat of paint.

The cobbler's children go barefoot.

Carsten is the best father I know.

Jan cut the pie into six pieces.

Lum likes that one.


What a beautiful morning!

Brian works at a health food store.

She didn't waste any time, did she?

He got angry to hear the news.

Why do you lie for Darryl?


The SS Star of the North was a large schooner-rigged cargo steamer, strongly built of iron in watertight compartments, and of nearly two thousand horsepower.

Matthieu needed to store his stuff somewhere, so I told him he could put it in our garage.

We have cut back production by 20%.

I was wondering if you were free tomorrow.

Taking good care of your clothes will make them last longer.

I'm sure Taeko was scared and tried to get Yuri to go along with her.

I'd never leave him alone.


This grocery store only sells organic food.

Sherri seems to have left the country.

This is pseudoscience.

He was very kind to them.

I know how hard that is.

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Lynn arrived late at the station.

Put yourself into a status that allows you not only to act, but also to think.

It seems like just yesterday that we first met.


When a door closes, another one opens.

Even though Prakash has never even tried eating one, he says he doesn't like kiwifruit.

I'll cook it, if you eat it.


Are you aware of what's happening?

I'm not in love with them.

I don't like this store.

He always possesses good health.

White tigers are not albinos. If they were, they would have no stripes whatsoever.


Why is it that she looks so sad?


You came in late.

Please show me the path to the bus stop.

Will you be home for Christmas?

There are many more vowels in French than in Japanese.

Do you want to go and get a bite to eat?

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It was the first time I walked along the Mogami River.

I thought we'd visit Boston after we got married.

There was not a bloody soul.


Fletcher seems to have his wits about him.

Sheila asked me how to cook trout.

Turkeer walked away from the restaurant.

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I just had a flash of genius! We need to round up a crew!

I felt much relieved to hear the news.

It's rare that history comes with a man that his fear is set in the hearts of kings all around earth.

There won't be any more problems.

I love Laurie so much.

Dan will be dead next week.

Even though the weather was fine, I gave him my coat as he was going out.

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It is not always best to predict the future.

Lukas certainly thinks so.

Your English is flawless.

I can't get at my luggage.

I won't let them go there.

My son? He doesn't seem interested in classical music. I can't tell whether it's techno or electro, but he's always listening to music at a loud volume.

It goes without saying that he is not guilty.

You're conservative.

Dani and Space hit it off from day one.

Catherine didn't show up at school today.

Peter talks with his parents in the United States on the phone at least once a week.

I will only live for my child in the future.

I can hear the chirping of insects.


There is a lake in front of my house.

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I just don't like getting left behind.


How did you answer him?

She married him for the sake of his family name.

Darin told me that I could use his car.

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It is kind of you to talk about it for me.

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I forgot to tell them.

Please don't call me that.

I saw a bit of 21st century fashion.

Merril had to run to catch the bus.

In the near future, we may have a big earthquake in Japan.


You promised me to come back before summer.

I have not vomited yet and I feel nauseous.

We usually go to the beach.

The new bishop was installed with much pomp and circumstance.

She has plenty of friends in the United States.

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He left home.

Do you have something to make this headache go away?

I hated to write with a fountain pen.

No one came except Fritz.

Seriously, stay in touch.


It's not blood. It's tomato sauce.


Ask Teriann whether Leads is at home or not.

Takeuchi says that he's fed up with this hot weather.

Could you tell me how to get to the station?

I admit that at first I didn't like you.

He liked Ann, but then his parents didn't.


I was infected with a bad cold during the trip.


What makes you think I like you?


There isn't any water in the well.


There are only three of them.

I have a package here for you.

I knew it from the start.

Who did you get this from?

They can't be ignored.