Who's going to know?

Thank you and goodbye!

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A vain attempt.


It's time to wake up!

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This is phenomenal.

I can tell you don't like it here.

Shaw and his two bodyguards came in through the back door.

It was already dark when Laurel got home.

We argued politics.


We've got a problem back here.

We made eye contact.

I'm getting advice from her.

When it comes to paying out money, the boss pulls a long face.

Who are you to speak with me like that?

When the desire for leisure is stronger than the other urges, leisure wins.

I woke up at nine.

Eat with who you want to eat with.

America has strict laws to protect human rights.

We'd like to speak to her.

I love my electric toothbrush.

Why is there so much traffic today?

We were miserable.

They were just soldiers.

They are some of the most untrustworthy people I have ever met.

I was demanding.

Has Linder ever had any other health problems?


The house stood out because of its unusual shape.

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Do you want them to wait?


I can't tell you what I know.

Her son is a genius.

I got up at the crack of dawn.

What are you angry about?

I'm just glad it's over.

Avery insisted on talking to you.

She entertained us with an interesting episode.

I'm not sure what I'll do after I graduate.

The students used a magnet in science class.

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The children couldn't contain their excitement.


Is her story true?

What part of "Be patient" don't you understand?

Dana won again.

Lars was born and raised on a farm.

In nine cases out of ten he will take the first place.


And then she started ignoring me for no reason.

I won't let Trying go to Boston.

Alex and Lynn were sitting next to each other on the plane.


The problem still remains to be solved.


I don't understand your point.

In our city, tourists are an important source of revenue.

I'm the last one who saw them.

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Deirdre got a 100% in chemistry.

Today is hot enough for us to swim in the sea.

Nothing has been decided.

How about adding some Worcestershire sauce?

Education should not be a burden on the parents as well as on the children.

Juri can't play the guitar.

For many gay men, coming out of the closet is a difficult experience.

This really is a dangerous situation.

You should help your friends.

She sells seashells in Chelsea.

Let's take it for a month on trial.

Lyndon married me this morning.

I'm sure I can find her.


If it's a boy, I want to name the baby Claudia.

And so the man came in.

There are lots of theories about the origins of language, but, in fact, no one really knows.

He lamented his hard fate.

I know you love me.

Speak of angels and you hear their wings.

They promised.

She didn't let him touch her baby.

Antonio invited Rodent to go to a concert with him.

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God damn it, what the hell is wrong with you?

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The muddy road has ruined my new shoes.

Colin lay on his bed and cried softly into his pillow.

The room is very hot.

They succeeded in catching the tiger alive.

We'll make sure Jarl knows what he's supposed to do.

The students sat still all the time.

Living in the noise and bustle of a large city, we sometimes feel like going into the country.

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Wires are used to convey electricity.

Hartmann went to get the box from his hiding place.

Izchak double-checked his bank balance before writing the cheque.

Is that a new jacket?

The weakest go to the wall.

We're separated.

Music is to the soul what gymnastics is to the body.

That's exactly what I want you to do.

I take that as a compliment.

I couldn't afford a lawyer.

Happy Birthday!

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He is a daydreamer.

My father said that I must work hard.

I came here with him.

She did not let me into her secret.

Can anyone tell me the time?

She is always critical of reckless drivers.

I shouldn't have told her.

Do you want her to help?

Can you come back in here?

I'm resting my eyes.

Post this letter for me!

We don't do body counts.

Now they're saying Lynnette is the one who killed Ricky.

I don't understand his obsession with soccer.

My father is an archaeologist.

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I've asked her to help you.


We are dozing off.

It might rain. We should take an umbrella.

Susan got right to the point.


Delbert would never do what you claim he did.


I'll ask her if you like.


I tremble with fear at the thought of an injection.


I don't understand French at all.

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Hand out the maps to us.


It raises the question of fundamentalism.

Sriram doesn't know anybody here.

The new highway shaves almost an hour off my commute time.


Sweden's population is growing.

Siegurd wondered whether he should really give Thad what he'd bought her.

We will end today's lesson here.


The party was pretty boring at first.

I'm sorry, I don't speak Hungarian.

I'm not counting your money.

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I don't have enough friends.

I suggest you let us handle this.

Please tell me what Isabelle said.

I have got only a week left before school starts.

The most important feature of all games is that they are governed by rules.

I'm often half asleep.

This book isn't worth reading.

Apes rank above dogs in intelligence.

Manjeri knows where to draw the line.


A male friend of mine called on me yesterday.

Is "ing" an example of a suffix?

He did not listen.

I have a lot of homework today.

She contributed an article to the newspaper.

You have two options.

A totally lawless state will be quite lawful carried through space and time.

Your response is not perfect at all.

He's Italian.

I was chilled with fear.

You are a good driver.


I want to show you my box of undelivered presents.

Kyle was in no hurry to get married.

He says he likes flowers.

I'm not sleepy anymore.

Betsy gave Pilar something to read.


Don't get mad.


Thousands of people went to see the President.

We went on foot.

There is a cat in this room.

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The teacher told Root that he couldn't give him anything higher than a C.

In the long summer days she sat in the sun and watched the trees cover themselves with leaves, and the white daisies cover the hill.

His latest novel is well worth reading.

It is not surprising that he resigned.

He is, in a word, a utopian.


Let's go talk to them.


Dwight Eisenhower was the candidate for president.

Ralph said he would write to us.

The court judged that the witness committed perjury.

Fine. However, I'm running late and you need to keep it brief.

The Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)'s mission was to study the microwave sky in order to detect radiation emitted by the Big Bang.