I can't disclose that information yet.

The Japanese destroyed Pearl Harbor.

You've been the best dog one could desire!


Donnie and Jesper are teachers.

I'll stay in Boston for three more days.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

That which was satisfied today becomes tomorrow's provisions.

I suggested that we go fishing.

I'm not apologizing.

It is twenty years since they got married.

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I have two tickets to a piano concert. Would you like to go with me?

Stagger and I stayed at the same hotel.

You gain insight into key areas that can help you make strategic decisions.

St. Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers because he is said to have worked as one.

Ramneek knew where his car was.

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You'd better take her home.


I never had a chance.

I'm too busy to see Shahid.

They believed them.


There is one point which is not noted on the contract.


I've heard that Stagger is now studying French.

Look at the girl who is now singing.

Everyone in the audience burst into simultaneous laughter.


This is money that our mother earned by the sweat of her brow, so use it carefully.

Pablo is exuberant, isn't he?

I can only guess that you probably want one, too.

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I am going to keep your secret.

Marla will probably be making more money than me this year.

Kenn elaborated on the point.

Do you have an extra ticket?

She ignored the warning.

Thanks for telling me the truth.

Now that I am a teacher, I think otherwise.

Vijay was sensitive.

Jochen let me read the letter he had received from Jeremy.

"Come home early, Guillaume." "Yes, mother."

Her means are small.


I met them in Boston.

I remember when I first saw you.

Why doesn't Hon want to help Emma?

Can you show me where I am on this map?

Can you think of a better way?

He came crawling to me to ask for a loan.

He often makes people angry.

That's not exactly what I had in mind.

Good always wins over evil.

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I would like to express my gratitude for what you have done for this town.

I intend to speak more than 20 languages by 2015.

Suwandi slept in the barn.

Fuck. I'm about to come already.

I'm your biggest fan.


This book deals with life in the United Kingdom.


Raja taught me how to make pancakes.


I can wait no longer.

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We thought you were in danger.


Ralph said that he would come.

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As the days passed into weeks, even the teacher praised him, for he saw him attentive, hard working, and wide awake, always the first to come in the morning, and the last to leave when school was over.


I'm sure it costs a pretty penny. I'll pass.

I was told to inform you that your father was killed in an accident.

How can one achieve such brilliant results?

That's a difficult question.

One may live in a big house and yet have no comfort.


She has a crush on Justin Timberlake.


I'll accept that responsibility.


Nick is very creative, isn't he?


Most of the Dutch in New Amsterdam did not leave.

Thousands of people gathered there.

Please sign this receipt.

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Andre's opinions are generally conservative.

Rodent just doesn't get it.

We were very surprised by that.

This wild rose gives off a sweet scent.

Take a cookie.


The students asked questions one after another.


His policy puts the accent on national welfare.


These are great.


There's something going on.


Shel doesn't want to have any more children.


In those days, he was a student.

They stopped kissing.

Why is he so popular?

Philip is devastated.

The boy attempted an escape, but failed.

Horst sighed and pulled out his wallet.

I'll do whatever I can to help out.

Shouldn't you be in bed?

He is friendly to us and wants our help.


One should also study history from the viewpoint of the vanquished.

The views of the two politicians collide violently.

Let's meet in front of the main entrance at two-thirty.

If I were you, I wouldn't do so.

The cause of the accident is unknown.


Romain called three days ago.

Joe and Shane become like blood brothers.

I will accept full responsibility for this.

We cannot help respecting his courage.

Send for the doctor at once.


My mother took me to the park.

They would not understand.

I helped her into a gown.

Their deep love for each other was unequivocal.

At anytime an invitation you can't decline.

I'll come back Monday.

He took what little money I had.


Marvin said he would do it.

I know nothing about it.

I can see how you'd call him a famous personality.

Terrance never locks his door.

Sir seems to be honest.


I ate a Japanese rice omelette.

She enjoyed herself.

I suggested that we should start at once.

Please don't lie to me.

They deserve it.

His first name was Clem.

Who told you to tell Edward to come?

I think you should pick her.

I'm going to turn on the heater because it's very cold.

She was asked to help him paint the house.

I greet you.

Let's park over there.

He pointed out some spelling errors to her.


Kathleen clearly means business.

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This is justified.

It was last year.

He took a look at the newspaper before going to bed.

Piete and Lynnette got married three years after they first met.

We need to leave here at once.

Who the devil was that?

Please speak a little more slowly.


I knew I was making mistakes.

Sanjib covered his mouth.

Ahmed stared silently at Donal for several moments.


He's eating breakfast in the cafe.


That's what I thought too!


I can see you right now.

No one should ever have to do that.

The important point concerning the complementary distribution is to specify the environment where the individual sounds occur.


They're having the same problems we are.


No one can help us.

Have you ever eaten whale meat?

She had a rough night.


Do you have a criminal record?

There may be something wrong with you.

You forgot to thank Gigi for the present, didn't you?


I bought some new wife-beaters at the mall today.


How do you think you can make a difference in the world?


Is there any chance that you have eaten any of the contaminated food?

I've got to get back home by midnight.

Gerald is going to help us tomorrow.


We came to the conclusion that the ideology was behind the times.

The audience was largely made up of very young children.

Boyd may not be as happy as he seems.