I hung one.

Good job, Captain Obvious.


I've met them a few times.

I was disappointed at there being so little to do.

That's exactly what I told them.

This city will suffer from an acute water shortage unless it rains soon.

You'll do just fine.

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Loyd will be furious.

Tell Margaret we're on our way.

I bought this book for myself, not for my wife.

Let's hear your opinion.

Let's give Kyu a surprise welcome party.


When would you like to have your coffee?

Heather hasn't got any fight left in him.

She was trained as a singer.

John doesn't care a shit about his clothes.

What has become of her son?


You obviously haven't seen it.


Are things different now?

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Certainly he is handsome and intelligent, but there is something about him that I can't like.

Rolf held Win tightly in his arms.

Cliff won't let Kelly go.

I hope Father will come home from abroad soon.

Was it in May that I was born?

I told them to stay indoors.

I had to show him something.

Are you speaking English?

We must, first of all, be careful of our health.

I didn't think Marcel would give up like that.

Bobby is still mad about the whole thing.


I'll tell her you were here.

What did he do after that?

I'm free until 2:30.

Brent has been very unhappy.

Let's sing a happy song.


I'm sure I wasn't followed.

I haven't made a decision yet.

He would remind people again that it was decided not only by him but by many others.

He is incompetent.

Galen looks appalled.

Dani didn't understand what the teacher said.

Is there any big game near here?

There's really no need for you to do that.

I felt refreshed after showering.

The president approved the use of crossbows by the police.

Which wire should I cut, the red one or the white one?


Clifford leaned over to talk to Drew.

No one will come.

A police investigation is in progress.


You can get a quick glimpse of Mt. Fuji from the window of the train.


I gave her the morning off.

He is like his father.

I have only half as many books as he.

I took a shower this morning.

Who will console her?

What language do you usually speak at work?

I want to see Laurie.

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The bug has been fixed.

You're doing a great job.

Mr Smith is a good teacher.

Dinner is ready to eat.

She told me good things about you.


I know what this is about.


She had a very strong impact on the history of art.

The calculation of the budget for next year is based on the costs this year.

I lost count.

You should make better use of your free time.

McClellan decided to wait.

The streets aren't safe at night.

I wish somebody else would do this for me.

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They all loved it.

You spend too much time worrying.

Kevan fed the chickens.

And I know you didn't do it for me.

It looks like an antique.

There's no point arguing about what's true and what's false.

"Is Josip about?" "He's not here!"

Spy was pretty drunk.

Ravindran said you had a heart attack last year.

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There used to be a fireplace here but I guess it's been torn down.


Inter-family is more likely than intra-family conflict to result in violence. Or is it?

I found it difficult to please him.

We need to advertise on television.

Do you see that boy over there?

The names are in the order of the actors' appearance on the stage.

You should ask your father for his advice and follow it.

You are not a good person. You know that, right?

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They're never there.


Thanks for the visit.

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There's still one more question that you haven't yet answered.

Once upon a time an old man and his wife lived together in a little village.

Please don't leave like this.


We went out for a walk after dinner.


Are you going to come visit me?


I refuse to let you marry that man.

Do you know these guys?

Today's paper says that a typhoon is coming.


I held Hon's hand.

Get the book.

Last month I officially divorced my wife.

He didn't seem to pay much attention to you.

Did you see the sunrise this morning?

I don't know what I'm going to do with Skip.

Do you want to do it together?

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Don't ask who she is.

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As for the Emperor, he is the ruler of the world. As for the barbarians, they are the servants of the world.

The villagers thought that he was very generous.

Gill lives in a small town in the Bavarian Alps.

He failed to wake Harry up.

Ann has a little money with her.


What gift would you like for Christmas?

No problem. Come again soon.

I'm going to need some volunteers.

Strong-willed kids need clear boundaries and positive role models.

It's not supposed to be happening.


There's nothing to worry about.


You seem to have a lot on your mind.

I don't have enough.

Moe is originally from Australia.

This kind of thing doesn't happen very often.

She fell in love with her boyfriend's older brother.

This could destroy her entire life.

Sigurd said I smoked too much.

I'm going to the movies.

Alister killed Barbara.

It's quite likely that he'll be late.

Marshall seems dazed.

I don't think he is truthful.

I drink her beer.

Cris put air in the tires.

The people came out of their houses to listen to his music.

Rodger finally talked Tiefenthal into lending him her accordion.

Swamy is definitely happy now.

What's your secret service code name?

She aimed for his mouth and missed.

Do you like Joseph for a name?

Children are likely to be taken in by those sales representatives.

You ain't gonna cut it.

It's a shame you didn't talk to me first.

I don't want you anymore.

I have actually decided to start putting my brain to some use. I'm going to start to learn as much foreign languages as possible before I die.

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You did not believe Tyler.

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There's always tomorrow.


Naresh is skating.

Celia compared a picture taken of Tovah three years ago with one that had been taken recently.

For 381 days, the buses of Montgomery travelled back and forth on their routes, almost empty.

I thought Mats was supposed to be here for three weeks.

Rabin and Alvin are helicopter parents.

We're not so confident.

His carelessness brought about the accident.

I have Vladislav's address.

Look, there's a cat on the roof.

I used to do that, but I don't do it anymore.

I'm not ashamed of what we did.

Is the dog swimming?

The moon was full yesterday.

We asked you not to do that.

He tried to pull a fast one on me.

In free countries, anyone can speak their mind, and everyone else has the right not to listen.

Do you like to sing?

Hohn is insane.

Carlos Slim is the world's second richest person.

Carry the bottle without breaking it.

He always gets home at six o'clock in the evening.

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I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you.

We are soul friends.

I haven't drawn for years.